Reduced shower time means saved water, energy and money

Aguardio facilitates changes in shower behaviour without compromising bathroom fixtures and decor

Installed literally in minutes independently of water and energy installation

The warning system gives an earlier notice of your bathroom’s health condition and predicts any risk of mould.

Access to data that can be used for benchmark, gamification independently of wifi.

No need to download an app to access data

Just scan the QR code on the display using the camera on a smartphone and get access to shower statistics and water-saving tips

Immediate access to data

QR code scan give user immediate access to data so they can monitor and analyse the use of water on a daily basis.

Easy installation; no need to connect to wifi or call a plumber

Mount the bracket and the Aguardio device automatically goes online without using wifi.

Place Aguardio on the wall in the shower cabinet using the double adhesive tape and you are ready to save water, energy and money.

It works.
Statistics from a housing association indicating vital data about water usage in bathrooms.


Nudge users to reduce their time under the shower reducing water and energy consumption leading to lower carbon emission.

Plug & play

Plug and play solution, installed in literally minutes independently of water and energy installations.

Predicting mould

More than a physical device, Aguardio G2 is an earlier warning system of your bathroom’s health predicting the risk of mould

Data monitoring

Aguardio G2 provide access to data that can be used for benchmark, gamification independently of wifi.

Wireless technology

Aguardio G2 uses NB-IoT/LTE-M wireless technology and can work as a gateway for other Bluetooth sensors in the home.

Long lasting battery

Long battery life with the opportunity of recycling electronics

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