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Aguardio Leak Sensor

Difficult to detect, but a problem that can cost typically €700 to €3,800 per toilet each year*

A leaking toilet can be difficult to detect, as the water trickles down the inner backside of the toilet pan. Although the problem might not be noticeable at first, it will definitely be noticeable when the water bill arrives.

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Here are some estimates of the consequences of a leaking toilet:

*Based on Danish freshwater prices: A) Would cost more than €700 a year B) €1900 C) €3800.

A) Water trickles down, but the surface of the water remains calm. This is using around 274 liters of water daily, equivalent to 100 m3 yearly.

B) Water trickles down and the surface of the water ripples slightly. This is using around 458 liters of water daily, equivalent to 200 m3 yearly

C) Water is leaking down and visibly disturbs the surface of the water. This is using around 1096 liters of water daily, equivalent to 400 m3 yearly.

Freestanding toilet

Works as a stand-alone unit, but is also compatible with our G2 device

The leak sensor works in two ways.

As a stand-alone unit, the leak sensor can detect a leaking toilet and will make a sound when it detects the leak.

But the leak sensor is also compatible with our G2 device as well. When the two units are paired, the leak sensor will notify either the facility manager, landlord or the tenant when there is a leak.

Extremely easy to install

The installation process of the leak sensor is extremely easy, and will literally take you less than a couple of minutes. Simply clamp the unit onto the toilet water inlet with a strip, and you are good to go. No plumbing or professionals required.

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Water leakage in toilets is a problem not often properly assessed, which is a shame as it ends up costly not only for the environment but also for the people whose toilet is leaking. With around 5-8% of toilets in the UK leaking, this is a very real problem.

Recently a family from Denmark experienced this at their holiday home, and neither their wallet or the environment benefitted from this.

Over a 32 day period, before the leak was detected, the leak ended up wasting around 283 m3 of clean water and around 14,933 DKK or €2,000. In this case the family left the holiday home, with the flush button pressed down, leaving it constantly flushing.

Aguardio has developed ‘The Leak Sensor’. The leak sensor’s main function is to detect these leakages before they become a problem.

The unit clamps onto the toilet water inlet, fastened with a strip, and will measure if there is a constant water flow inside the pipe. When a leak is detected, the Leak Sensor’s alarm system will go off to let you know that there is a leak. Installing the leak sensor will give you the ease of mind that you will not receive an unwanted water bill that is way higher than it should have been.


Installed with a clamp-on solution fixed with strips to the toilet water inlet

Detect leaks

Capable of detecting leaks as little as five liters of water an hour, not even visible in the toilet pan

Notification sound

The leak sensor notifies the user with a sound when it detects a leak

Long lasting battery

10 year expected battery life time

Data collection

When paired with an Aguardio G2 device, it is possible to get notification instead of sound alert

Deactivate notification sound

With the push of a button, you can deactivate the noise coming from the leak sensor. The leak sensor will then notify you again in 24 hours

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