Aguardio Customers

Aguardio offers four main advantages to adopting customers

1) Water consumption is reduced, addressing the increasing water shortage problem.

2) Energy consumption is reduced due to reduction in hot water use, leading to lower CO2 emissions.

3) Financial savings for the businesses due to lower water and energy consumption.

4) Reduced wastewater emissions with a positive effect on the wastewater treatment plants capacity.

Water Utility

Water resources is under pressure

From population growth and climate change. Many regions will be in water deficit if no investment in demand management is made.

Aguardio has demonstrate shower time reductions helping households to reduce their water bills, as well as supporting local community and environment.

Aguardio provide water utilities with data that give an insight on water usage in a domestic setting.

Housing association

Water scarcity is increasing

In many parts of the world, freshwater resources are predicted to decrease overall due to climate change, while demand is predicted to rise.

The water sector recognises that behaviour change among domestic clients is required to reduce overall water demand.

Aguardio helps residents in a housing association to reduce water and energy consumption leading to reduce utility costs.

Aguardio provide building owners with data that reduce the risk of mould and input which can be used for energy installation optimisation


Green brands are stronger

When a hotel guest chooses a hotel it should be more than just about price and location.

Aguardio supports hotels with a green profile and makes the hotel stand out from the rest.

Does 1 minute reduced shower time really matter?

That’s more than 10 litres of
hot water saved per shower

Your waste water emission
is reduced

That’s enough energy saved to run
a 60 watt light bulb for 6 hours

So that’s money saved
every time you shower

Your CO2 emission
is reduced

And you give yourself
a little bit longer in bed!

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