Our Mission

Aguardio Thomas Munch Laursen

Our mission is simple – to reduce water and energy consumption by supporting, improving and developing sustainable behaviour.

Thomas Munch-Laursen,
Co-Founder, Aguardio

Meet the team

Aguardio Thomas Munch Laursen

Co-founder and CEO,
Thomas Munch-Laursen,
MSc in Engineering, MBA

Contact: tml@aguardio.com

More about Thomas

Has worked 8 years as an engineer in the building industry primarily focusing on research and development. Co-inventor of 5 patents focusing on optimisation of concrete surfaces.

After that 10 years in the energy sector focusing on business and innovation development. Was responsible for the “Sustainable Cities” R&D programme at Vattenfall including the development of ”The One Tonne Life”.

Current responsibilities at Aguardio ApS: Business development, management, strategy, sales and hiring.

Aguardio Niels Arne Mikkelsen

Co-founder and CFO,
Niels-Arne Mikkelsen,
Cand. oecon

Contact: nam@aguardio.com

More about Niels-Arne

Has worked 30 years in the telecom- and energy industry focusing on strategy, business development and finance.

Has extensive experience from several greenfield telecom operations and was the initiator of the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the world (Sense Communications in Norway).

Current responsibilities at Aguardio ApS: Finance, funding, communications, analysis and reporting.

Aguardio Kristian Reesen

Kristian Reesen,

Contact: kre@aguardio.com

More about Kristian

Has a broad knowledge about technologies, databases, AI, data mining, programming, mobile apps, object oriented analysis and algorithms. has previously worked on developing different IT solutions in big, international companies.

Current responsibilities at Aguardio ApS: IT-development as well as implementing artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Matthew Odgen

Communication & Storytelling Geek,
Matthew Ogden

Contact: mo@aguardio.com

More about Matthew

Matthew is a storytelling, content, communications and branding nerd with over 20 years of experience in all manner of online and offline media, ranging from broadcast and digital, through live event development and production, to the elegant traditional simplicity of the written word on paper.

He is extremely lucky to have worked with organisations that range from global brands such as LEGO, The Financial Times and Endemol Productions to vibrant start-ups championing innovation and positively disrupting the current paradigm.

Words and pictures are his thing.

Oh, and he’s also the least well-known world-famous musician in the world.

Chris Jolly

Business Developer,
Christopher James Jolly

Contact: cj@aguardio.com

More about Christopher

Current responsibilities at Aguardio ApS: Business development, strategy and optimisation of sales processes.

Commercial Partners

Aguardio collaborates with leading experts within the hospitality sector

Hospitality Partner

Hospitality Partner provides help with the Aguardio solution at hotels in Denmark and Norway

For more information:
Denmark: +45 70 23 97 99
Norway: +47 47 48 89 29

Luotel Hospitality

Luotel Hospitality provides help with the Aguardio solution at hotels in Spain

For more information:
Spain: +34 600 374 548

Project Partners


Aguardio is a part the IBM Global Entrepreneur program where Aguardio will use IBM Bluemix platform for data analytics and IBM Watson AI platform (Artificial intelligence) for business.

IoT and behavioural design

Alexandra Institute are experts in behavioural science and supports public institutions and private companies in using IT science and technology in accordance with EU personal data legislation.

Industrial design of Aguardio

MADE BY MAKERS is a Danish industrial design bureau. The company was established in 2004.

Electronic and mechanical design

WB Electronics is an electronic design company established in 1999 and based in Herning, Denmark.

Design and branding

MS Nordic is a visual communication agency that delivers business focused creativity and pixel-sharp technical know-how.

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