Be sustainable by consuming less water whilst in the shower

  1. Install Aguardio Sensor and Aguardio Display

  2. Discretely remind your guests to save water while showering

  3. Collect data on water savings

  • With the installation of Aguardio Sensor & Display at Scandic Vejle, we invite the guest to join us on saving water – but only if the guest wants to.

    Michael Thomsen
    CEO Scandic Vejle
  • The opportunity to reduce water consumption and the ability to collect data concerning both humidity and temperature by using Aguardio is very exciting and relevant for Sinatur Hotel Skarrildhus.

    Kirsten Secher Villumsen
    CEO Sinatur Hotel Skarrildshus
  • Aguardio benefits the Sinatur chain of hotels by focusing on climate and environment. It is important that the mission and purpose behind Aguardio supports our hotels DNA by meeting our goals and objectives.  

    Vibeke Stentoft
    CEO Sinatur Hotel Sixtus
  • If I could save 600 minutes of shower time on a daily basis, I would be very interested in the Aguardio solution for our hotel chain. 

    Jan Milling
    Owner of Milling Hotels
  • Aguardio is a rather interesting and clever solution, which gauges Green Key's attention. We would be happy to present Aguardio in our future newsletters, once all the data has been collected from Aguardio's business cases and the results are beneficial for a hotel.

    Finn Bolding Thomsen
    Green Key Programme Director

Aguardio results

The Aguardio solution has collected data from hotels for a period of one year

The average water runtime in the shower is 7 minutes

Every 3rd guest spends +9 minutes under running water

Only every 5th guest turns off the water while soaping

In bathrooms with Aguardio Display the total water runtime is reduced by 15%


Take the lead through your actions for a more sustainable tomorrow and leave a better environmental footprint in the hotel industry.

Operational Excellence

Shorter showers improves operational costs with both water and heating. The collected data helps you identify water leaks or any humidity issues before it becomes a problem.


Stand out from the competition by giving corporate clients an alternative to choose a hotel that will benefit their corporate social responsibility.

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