Shower smarter and save water, energy and money

Water Utilities

Increase customer awareness and engagement leading to reduce water consumption.

Housing Associations

Projects show that residences with Aguardio installed reduce shower time with roughly two minutes.


Tests show that you can expect up to 20% savings in shower water and energy as a result of installing Aguardio.

Discover Aguardio G2

Installed literally in minutes independent of water, energy and wifi

Unique sensor and data-driven know-how on how to identify showers without being part of the installation

A non-intrusive way to encourage users to reduce the time under the shower

“We are attracted to the simplicity of the G2 Aguardio device, and feel customers will engage quite easily with their shower time. The advantage of displaying behavioural nudges will help drive sustainable demand reductions to manage our water resources across the Anglian Water region”

Sarah Castelvecchi
Water Savings Manager,
Anglian Water

“Our tests show that you can expect 15-20% savings in shower water and energy as a result of installing an Aguardio device. The payback period of this technology is very short, making this an excellent choice to reduce resource usage and increase environmental awareness”

Xavier Font
Professor of Sustainability Marketing
University of Surrey

“We want to be a sustainable housing company, focusing on social, environmental and economic sustainability. Therefore, we have a strong interest in helping residents reduce unnecessary consumption and thereby reduce their consumption costs. We can do that with Aguardio”

Ulrik Eggert Knuth-Winterfeldt
Team Leader Sustainability & Energy
Boligselskabet Sjælland

“With the installation of Aguardio Sensor & Display at Scandic Vejle, we invite the guest to join us on saving water – but only if the guest wants to”

Michael Thomsen
Scandic Vejle

Our technology is tested by scientists

Shower behaviour does change by having an Aguardio installed.

Aguardio was recently picked as a PhD study by Research Fellow Pablo Pereira-Doel and his associates. The positive results of this extensive study, including a short video, have been published here:

Big change start with big ambitions

Our mission:
To reduce water and energy consumption through nudging.

Aguardio help building owners address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 6, number 12 & number 13 by saving water, energy and reduce wastewater discharge

Aguardio Leak Sensor

Difficult to detect, but a problem that can cost typically €700 to €3,800 per toilet each year.

A leaking toilet can be difficult to detect, as the water trickles down the inner backside of the toilet pan. Although the problem might not be noticeable at first, it will definitely be noticeable when the water bill arrives.

In good company

More and more companies, institutions and water companies trust Aguardio

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