Do you know your shower habits?

Do you know your time under the shower?

On average, a Dane showers for 6.5 minutes. 13% of all Danes shower for more than 10 minutes, and the younger the person is, the longer they shower.

Statistically, students shower longer, those living in big cities shower longer than those in rural areas.

Do you know how much a shower costs you?

In Denmark a 6.5 minute daily shower will cost you 0.81-1.34 EUR per day or 294-490 EUR annually.

The cost depends on whether you use a standard shower head versus an eco shower head or a water limiter. Furthermore, your geographical location will also affect the water price.

shower habits

We can do better than that!

Simply by reducing the time we shower.

Aguardio is a simple solution which helps people to live more sustainable by changing their shower behaviour.