Be a HandWash Hero!

Wash your hands like a hygiene legend – every single time!

‘Aguardio HandWash’ prompts you to thoroughly wash your hands and do so for a minimum of 20 seconds – as recommended by health authorities around the world.

‘Aguardio HandWash’ works from the moment you turn on the tap – it’s as simple as that!

‘Aguardio HandWash’ collects data on how the washbasin is being used. This information allows you to understand how efficiently and effectively people at work, or in the home, are washing their hands. This data then promotes and encourages the individual to improve their handwashing hygiene, by nudging them with simple and clear messaging into forming the best possible handwash hygiene habits.

‘Aguardio HandWash’ is a plug & play solution that can be simply installed on any washbasin in a matter of minutes. It does not require coupling up to your plumbing or any other intrusive installation in order to work perfectly.

Standby text in Danish ”vask hænder” in English “Wash Hands”

Step 1:
When the water tap activates the text in the display is changed. In Danish “Brug sæbe i mindst 20 sekunder” in English “Use soap at least 20 seconds”

Step 2:
After 7 seconds the digital clock starts.

Step 3:
When the digital clock reaches 21 seconds a text message appears in the display. In Danish “Skyl hænder” in English “Rinse hands”

Step 3:
After 7 seconds a smiley symbol is displayed as a reward for washing your hands with soap for
at least > 20 seconds. Congratulations you are being a handwashing hero!

Be a HandWash Hero – keep yourself and everyone around you safe and healthy.

If you like to order or know more about Aguardio HandWash, please give us a call on +45 22 91 98 86 or fill out the contact form and automatically also get the Aguardio HandWash flyer sent by Email.